Must-Have Tools and Accessories for Diamond Painting

Must-Have Tools and Supplies for Diamond Painting

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Diamond painting is a wonderful way to reveal your artistic side, even if there isn't a smart bone in your body. Using an applicator tool and wax, you scoop up diamonds and place them on a self-adhesive canvas with a color-coded chart. In other words, it's so easy even a kid could do it! But even experienced crafters are drawn to this fascinating hobby.

But it's more than just a fun and engaging hobby. Since diamond painting can be considered a form of mindfulness-based art therapy (MBAT), you can even find peace, clarity, and happiness while expressing creative energy.

However, if you have just discovered the world of diamond painting, you may be confused about the tools and supplies that come with each kit. You may be wondering what is actually included or what you need to purchase. In addition, there are a number of other accessories that you can add to complete your diamond art studio.

From basic diamond painting supplies to light pads to frames, we'll walk you through what you need and what would be nice to have.

Basic supplies and accessories for diamond painting.

From pens to light pads, you'll find the basic diamond painting supplies to get you ready for this wonderful and relaxing new hobby.


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The absolute main tool you will need for diamond painting is an applicator pen. There are two main pens to choose from for diamond art: Drill Pens and Wax Pens. Let's take a look at how each type is used:

Diamond Drill Pens - Drill pens are the more traditional option and are included in every diamond painting kit. With this type of pen, simply dip it into the wax or glue and pick up the diamond. Next, place it on the canvas.

Diamond Wax Pens - Wax pens apply wax directly to the diamond piece, eliminating the extra step. When a pencil runs out of wax, simply sharpen it and immediately enjoy your kit.

Diamond Drill Wheel Pickup Pen - These pencils offer a self-adhesive disc on one end that allows you to easily grip diamonds by rolling it over a bowl. You can also roll it to place diamonds down and even remove them.

It is also important to note that each diamond art kit comes with glue or wax to get you started. So you don't have to search for these accessories.

Light Pad

Another handy accessory is the diamond light pad. Not only can a light pad illuminate each diamond from below to create a dazzling display, but it can also reduce eye strain. Diamond paint pads are especially useful for making sure each diamond piece is placed in the appropriate spot to avoid accidents and mistakes. That way, you know exactly where that drill needs to go! Of course, light pads can be battery operated or rechargeable.

The Diamond Art Light Pad offered on this website offers numerous advantages. For starters, it's thin (0.2 inches thick), compact (14 x 10 inches in size), and lightweight (1.32 pounds), so you can take it virtually anywhere.

It's not battery powered, which means you don't have to worry about having batteries on hand. Instead, it simply plugs in via a 3.3-foot USB cable through personal devices like a PC, phone adapter, or power bank.

Another benefit of this Diamond Art Light Pad is that it is a flicker-free LED light, so you will have less eye strain and headaches. This is especially important if you suffer from migraines. LED lights also project a brighter surface .

This light pad also has a long lifespan and 50,000 hours of continuous use. That's plenty of time to enjoy diamond art! It also includes a one year warranty in case something happens.

Glue or wax

Every diamond art kit includes some sort of adhesive, whether it's glue or wax . Using the hollow tip of your pen, you scoop up the glue and then the diamond drill bit. This should make it easy to get each colored gemstone into place without dropping it. Once you find the location, transfer the drill bit to the glue area. There is no need to reapply the glue. You can reuse the same dabbed droplet.

You can find numerous online tutorials that teach you how to use the glue. If you are new to diamond painting, find some to familiarize yourself with the techniques.

Additional Diamond Painting supplies to complete your set up.

Craft tables and easels

If you really want to complete the ultimate diamond art painting studio, a craft table or easel is the perfect additional accessory. However, there are several features of a table or easel that you should consider.

Angled and adjustable height - Choose a craft table with an angled position that will keep you from working bent over, which can cause severe neck pain. In the same way, make sure that it is height adjustable as well.

Transparent surface - Consider a glass table for your diamond art station. This way, you can treat it as a huge light cushion that illuminates a spotlight from below.

Storage Compartments- Storage compartments are a handy feature too! This way you can keep your beads and pens safe if you have pets or small children who tend to put tiny items in their mouths.

At the very least, get an easel or drawing board that tilts. Again, if you have an easel that tilts, you can protect yourself from bad posture and neck strain. The nice thing about an adjustable drawing board is that you can place it on any table you have. If you prefer to work at your kitchen table where there is plenty of natural sunlight, an easel or drawing board offers a versatile, movable solution.

Ergonomic chair

Consider not only a suitable table or workspace, but also a comfortable, ergonomic chair. Sitting for long periods of time can really affect your posture and cause neck and even back pain. Do yourself a favor and get a chair that you can sit in for hours while enjoying your diamond art.

Try different chairs, but ultimately opt for one with an adjustable backrest that follows the shape of your spine. Also, make sure your feet rest on the floor or, if you prefer to sit higher, have a footrest. While you're not placing a diamond, make sure the armrests are nearby so your shoulders can relax. In general, the arm height of your chair should match the height of your desk.

Storage compartments

Speaking of cubbyholes, it's helpful to find a way to neatly organize your diamonds and gems. That way, you can dive right in without having to spread everything out or fix previous problems. Here are some storage solutions you can use to keep your diamond painting hobby systematic and stress-free.

Diamond Organizer

Diamond Painting BOX

Easily keep track of all your colored diamonds with this 30-slot diamond organizer. Each of the 30 individual bins has a screw-on lid and is housed in a larger, convenient organizer case. With this container you will surely never lose a single diamond again!

Use these tricks, tips and hacks for diamond painting to get a cheaper and more cost effective option. You can also use a recycled egg carton or simply sort diamonds into plastic bags and label each with the appropriate number or symbol.

Extra Diamonds

Accidents happen from time to time, and diamonds tend to disappear. Therefore, you will occasionally need extra diamonds. Whatever shape you prefer, round drill or square drill , order extra diamonds in the same shape for your masterpiece.

If you choose a diamond art kit, your kit will tell you which diamonds are included. However, if you forget or throw the kit away, here are the three main types of diamonds:

  • Round diamonds -Simple enough for kids and quick to use.
  • Square diamonds -Mosaic tile style diamonds that fit well from edge to edge.
  • Aurora Borealis (AB) diamonds -AB diamonds, found in select paintings, emit a dazzling rainbow effect like the northern lights.

Foldable magnifying glass

As with any hobby that requires eye-hand coordination, a magnifying glass provides a clearer scope and can really see where you're going with that diamond piece. And a folding magnifier is perfect for those who have trouble seeing small pieces or are farsighted. Even better - use a magnifying glass with an LED light.

Large Diamond Bowls

While all Diamond Art Club kits include a small tray to keep gems clean and handy, some prefer a larger tray. You'll find much roomier trays with a larger spout so you can align your rhinestones for a more organized system. Most larger diamond trays also come with stainless steel tweezers to help you mix the tiny diamonds without scratching them.


Once you've completed your masterpiece, you're ready to frame it! Fortunately, framing your diamond artwork is pretty easy, and it only takes a few steps. Follow the Diamond Art Club's more detailed, step-by-step instructions for framing a diamond painting .


Use a standard size frame purchased at your local hobby or art supply store. You can find different frame styles and finishes to match your existing decor. However, keep in mind that many diamond paintings are not available in standard sizes. Therefore, you may need to cut your canvas to fit. One tip is to aim for a frame that is slightly smaller than your diamond art masterpiece. Another tip is to frame the artwork without glass. Otherwise, the shimmering vibrancy of the diamonds could be compromised.


Stretcher frames are perfect for creating your canvas diamond artwork. They are also available in different shapes and sizes. First, measure your image and decide if you want the artwork to extend around the edges of the canvas or if you prefer a border. You will also need staples and a stapler to hold it in place. Alternatively, you can use u-nails to secure the canvas more neatly and cleanly.

If you choose a stretcher frame, make sure it comes with wall mounting hardware, or grab a pack if not. You'll need to attach it to the back of the top stretcher bar to hang it.


Lastly, you can mount your diamond artwork on an art canvas. Make sure the canvas is at least 5 inches smaller in length and width to allow your diamond art canvas to stretch around it. Next, cover the back of the canvas with craft glue and spread it evenly, except along the edges. On a cutting mat, press the glued blank canvas onto the still-wet diamond canvas, center it, and trim the edges to leave two inches. An important note here is to allow the glue to dry thoroughly and adhere before hanging.


If you like, have your diamond artwork professionally framed, of course! If you can't decide or choose between a frame you like, you can customize the look yourself. Stop by a frame shop or regular craft store to get the exact look you want!

Can you find all the diamond painting supplies you need?

With diamond art as a new hobby, new accessories are being discovered and created every day. There are even diamond art enthusiasts who make their own equipment and accessories to meet their personal needs and help them achieve their masterpiece.